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    Guizhou invests 156.1b yuan to improve environment

    Guizhou province plans to invest 156.1 billion yuan ($23.20 billion) in environmental protection projects, according to a news conference held by the provincial government on Oct 10.

    The 200 projects can be categorized into 10 types. The key four types are centered on the green economy: environmentally-friendly industries, high-efficiency recycling, environmental governance, and low-carbon and clean energy, with total investment of 6.91 billion yuan.

    Another 6.04 billion yuan will be used to protect and improve the conditions of mountains, air quality, water and soil. Projects involving green towns and beautiful villages will also receive investment at a total cost of 2.66 billion yuan.

    Among all the projects, 57 projects alone are for Zunyi city, making it the biggest beneficiary. Tongren will be the second biggest beneficiary with 28 projects worth 2.2 billion yuan.

    Edited by James Skinner

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